4th July…………

We went to the American Consul General’s 4th July celebrations. It was a great party and the Lord Mayor of Belfast was there. Nichola Mallon sported the fantastic chain of office. We had a lovely chat and BD was wondering if his great-great-great grandfather’s coat of arms was on it still. Andrew Mulholland was Lord Mayor of Belfast in 1846. Guess what, it was there in Technicolor glory, just by Nichola’s collarbone!

DSC_0535 rs

The Samuel Adams’ Boston beer flowed, the hot dogs were superb and the Swing Gals were entertaining. The sun was shining and the conversation flowed. At the end of the day the original Jeeps that had been brought in in celebration of the 70th anniversary of the D Day landings were driven. Nana Lee, the Consul General’s wife and father-in-law had a lift. It was a fantastic day.

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