This morning the weather was pretty boring. It was grey; it had been raining hard, but it was just mizzling by the time I got the papers. Quite common really for the time of year.

But then during lunch the sun came out and although the wind got up it was suddenly glorious. The sun had some real heat in it. At this point BD and I couldn’t wait to get out, so we packed off our lunch guest and set off for the pergola.

The beds between the pillars – as I said in an earlier post – are my cutting garden and in the first months of the year we weed it assiduously. There’s a saying in Danish that for every hour you weed in March you’ll save four hours of weeding in May. We been applying this principle for a few years and we are now reaping the benefit. On dry mornings this time of the year I’ll get all hands to the pump. When three gardeners, BD and I get going, we can do a lot in just an hour.

As you can see, spring is beginning to work its magic.

DSC_0004 a


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