A day well spent . . . . .

Today we’ve had a lunch for a very discerning and lovely group of people. These people arrange interesting trips abroad for American corporate clients.

DSC_0021 rs

County Down is of course one of the most fascinating counties in the British Isles, well, in my humble opinion and here at Ballywalter Park we have lots to show our American cousins. We have the Pleasure Grounds where the rhododendrons are just beginning to bloom as is the magnolia I blogged about last week.DSC_0107 rs






There is the house which is an architectural pearl of national importance and which BD and I spend every waking hour looking after.

DSC_0321 rsII


And then there is my own personal Paradise, the Walled Garden.  So we’ve spent a lovely day – the weather could have been better – showing these lovely people what we can do here.         DSC_0557 resized & cropped

The visit culminated in a lunch of delicious things from the Walled Garden and the farm. It was rounded off with the latest addition to my repertoire Coffee Ice Cream……… I’m now faintly hyper/high on caffeine from this delicious concoction, which I already have realised I can’t have as a pudding after dinner at night, as I simply can’t sleep.



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