A giant falls………………

This afternoon a giant of the Pleasure Grounds, a Cupressus macrocarpa, split with a mighty crack and fell apart . . . quite literally!

To my surprise it was not on the Irish Tree Register. In 2009 you can see it on the right of the Quercus ilex.DSC_1376 rs













And below you can see it in 2004 with a visitors climbing inside its mighty branches.DSCF0853




It was a much loved tree by all who visited and saw this giant, probably planted by Andrew Mulholland, BD’s great, great, great grandfather.

DSC_0031In 2011 it was the backdrop for a production called Hitler on Trial.










Last summer the farm Manager RB looked at it very carefully, as he does with lots of our giant trees. He did notice that there were splits appearing between each of the five trunks.

At the moment I am in shock, because tonight it looks like this DSC_1025    DSC_0009





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