A glut of peaches!


It stands to reason that if you can pick a peach perfectly ripe from your peach tree, it will inevitably be over ripe a couple of days after that. Over ripe peaches lend themselves very well to Peach Sorbet. I’m on my first batch already this morning and later I will pluck the rest of the ripe fruit for a couple of batches of Peach Marmalade.

DSC_0179rs DSC_0180rs

The Pinto peaches are a favourite on several levels, partly because they are white fleshed, but also because we planted ours is honour of Clarissa Dickson Wright. She used to come every year when we had the Game Fair and she became a good friend. She was of course a fellow food historian and we used to have a great deal of fun. Every time I pick the Pinto peaches I think of her. Today there were loads to pick. I am going to make my signature Peach Marmalade and this year it’ll be extra special because… taaaa, daaaah… we have our own kumquats so I will be using those instead of Seville oranges prepped in January. From an early taste it will hopefully add a certain je ne sais quoi. The kumquats are fiddly to chop, but the scent of peaches and oranges is already permeating throughout the house.















The kumquat tree was a present from Donaghadee Garden Centre when the staff came here to see what we do. It is not a prolific fruiter, but it comes up with the goods about every other year.

While I was hoking about looking for a ladder to pick the peaches at the top of the tree, I came across the cucumbers!  DSC_0181rs










So By lunch time I knew we had to have cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches, as we had plenty of bread and it’s my favourite sandwich filling.


I thought the produce for the day looked rather splendid at midday, but later BD picked loads of gooseberries while I persevered with Peach Sorbet DSC_0177rs



and Peach Marmalade!           DSC_0187rs







By late afternoon I was exhausted but grateful for my new ice cream maker:





…… and I took another trip to the Walled Garden and awarded myself a big bunch of sweetpeas! Heavenly scents…………………


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