A remarkable spring……………

The first month of spring has been remarkable for several reasons, not least because of the amount of rain that has fallen. When I look at the photos I took during March it spans everything from snow to bright spring sunshine. It has been incredibly cold for this part of the island of Ireland. We have had frost during March, which we did not get when winter was here. The stream running through the Rockery has been full to overflowing, and in the lake at the front of the house, a huge raft of weed has been washed into the Irish Sea.













We have worked on the Bothy Walk where ivy and Ligustrum Japonica had nearly taken over. Once the ground dries out we can collect all the cuttings, mow and replant along this west facing all.



We have decided to make some big changes to the Walled Garden. Work is progressing slowly, but we hope that all works will be finished by the end of May.   















Our French interns from Blois have just arrived and in 36 hours we have had so much rain we have not been able to go out for any length of time. I wonder what they might be thinking, but so far they have not let the rain stop them. AH had suggested, before going on her Easter break, that if the weather was bad, they could make a drawing of the bed we had been thinking of as the Paeonia Border. Using the Plant Catalogue, created in the 1970’s, they have made a start on envisaging the Paeonia Border. I used to call it the Long Border because I had not realised it had another name. Once we looked carefully at the plant list for the section I had thought of as the Paeonia Border, it was clear it could not be right. There were far too many plant species for the 40 meters or so it covered. Having said that, this border used to be twice as wide so who knows what might have been there. We have however, quickly discovered that several of the specimens are actually further along towards the Conservatory. Over the next few months I will be keep you up to date with the progress in both the Paeonia Border and the Walled Garden.













































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