A time to sow……….


I am always running a bit behind. Now the sun been shining for several days in a row, it was particularly obvious that I had not filled the list JT so carefully made in plenty of time before the sowing season. He likes to be ahead of the game, but he has me and my procrastination to contend with.

Still, yesterday I grasped the nettle and went to Walkers in Newtownards. I got all the seeds on JT’s list except for endive and chicory. Those will come next week. I always forget the two balls of string for tying in, but by now that is almost an ancient tradition.

When I do go be back for these items, I’ll also get seed for Rumex acetosa, the large leafed sorrel. This looks like chard but has the most wonderful lemon flavour that goes really well with fish.

I think a lot about what will go with my fish, especially later in the season when the fishermen can get out with greater ease.

Last summer we experimented with mackerel sashimi. We filleted the fish and skinned the fish, then dipped small slivers in English mustard and soy sauce. It was so delicious I could hear the angels sing, but a Sorrel salad would have been the perfect accompaniment…………… so note to self:

2 balls of string

1 packet of endive seed

1 packet of chicory seed

1 packet of large leaf Sorrel…………………….. mmmmmmmmmmmmh

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