An Easter break ……………

So we’ve had 10 days away visiting family in England and while we’ve been away spring has arrived. The other surprise arrival is last year’s French garden intern Laura Weil. We were thrilled when she asked if she could come and help for a few weeks.

DSC_0128 rs

When she arrived on Tuesday we took a long walk and made a list of all the things that had to be done. It’s incredible how suddenly everything is in flower, I mean rhododendrons and the daffodils, but particularly the magnolias. I’m completely in love with our earliest magnolia. It’s pink and very fragile looking. The strong winds didn’t do it any favours, but it’s still there and blooming.


DSC_0114 rs

Looking up into the crown, with the blue sky behind, is like a lovely pink dream.  But on the ground you can see the petals that have been thrown and up close the flowers are quite damaged, but still they are amazing. DSC_0113 rsDSC_0115 rsDSC_0116 rs

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