An essential part of a tool kit………….

The photo above is of a Dandelion, a terrible weed which spreads very easily. All spring and summer we’ve been struggling to keep on top of the weeds in the fruit tree beds in the Walled Garden. Now it is autumn the only weeds are Dandelions and grass. Now, the grass I can understand as the mower will spread some seed inevitably, but I seem to have lost the battle against the Dandelion. It is partly because they have very deep tap roots that are almost impossible to get up. However, clever JR has got a new tool in his kit and it is a Spear and Jackson Dandelion Weeder and it is absolutely awesome! Below you can see how the Dandelion on the left, its root hit a stone and spread around it. The one next to that is quite a new one, but I got it out whole. The next one is a slightly older Dandelion than its neighbour, so longer and with bigger leaves. Again I got the whole thing. The last one I broke its root about 5cm down. The last one will come up again, but I’ll have it next time. I think I might feel the use of this piece of kit in my shoulders tomorrow. There is a knack to using it and that usually spells a bit of pain till I get used to it………….. still Dandelions will not be safe in my Paradise from now on.


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