Another night off……

Thursday night we took some produce to Ox and then had dinner. The Walled Garden has lots of leaves that Stephen Toman likes to use. So I picked strawberry leaves, mandarin leaves, 1 raspberry leaf as I’m not sure it’s any good this time of the year. There were some new leaves on some of my blackcurrant bushes and for some time now I’ve been picking fig and vine leaves too. In the last two baskets there were courgettes, heritage carrots and nectarines from the Glass Houses in the Walled Garden.

DSC_0037 rs

We had the most delicious summer menu of my smoked veal, fermented beetroot and sorrel. This was followed by lobster and smoked potato. BD had the 70% Valrhona pudding and I had the white chocolate parfait for pudding.

DSC_0012 rs

It was an extraordinary evening too. Belfast had such a metropolitan air about it and we even had some world famous diners, whom we all ignored to allow them their space. We drove back watched by a half moon. This is such a beautiful country!

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