Apres moi la deluge……

After the disaster of the 170 year old Cupressus macrocarpa collapsing yesterday, we awoke today to floods of Biblical proportions. This was hardly surprising as our Met Office rain gauge recorded 22.8mm of rain over the past 24 hours.

DSC_0021This photograph shows the incredibly swollen stream with the remnants of the fallen Cupressus behind.


DSC_0009The water levels have risen to record heights and there is no space whatsoever beneath the 1850 listed stone bridge, designed by Sir Charles Lanyon. If we ever have a dry spell one of our priorities will be to check that this bridge has not been compromised by erosion.


The stream now passes via a Victorian culvert to the lake at the front of the house, where it is boiling up as Northern Ireland’s answer to the Icelandic geyser. The island in the foreground is completely submerged with only the shrubs and trees poking out above the flood waters. Behind, at least the ducks look reasonably happy with all this water to play in.


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