At last a proper update on the Walled Garden


So it’s a while since I’ve written about the Walled Garden, but the neighbours from Newtownards Flying Club are still as nosy as ever. JT is sadly still off sick and I wish him well. I really want him to get better and have 10 good years of retirement to enjoy his grandchildren and a few rewarding jobs in the Walled Garden. JR will be joining us on the 22nd of this month however, in the mean time JB Snr., BD and I are working like mad to keep things going. But as you can see from these photos things are progressing and Mother Nature has been kind, especially to the weeds!


Practically everything is about 3 weeks behind because of the colder weather. Interesting because of the temperate nature of our climate here in Ireland, we’re usually a few weeks ahead. This year El Nino is playing havoc with our temperatures, but believe me we’re fighting back and will keep you posted as to who is winning this battle.


There is almost a forest of tomatoes and after years of talking about it JB Snr. has planted our lemon grove. You see, I think that global warming will make it possible for Ireland to have lemon groves and cork oaks growing. Certainly in the Mediterranean area it is now too hot to grow Quercus suber – the cork oak – and I have this idea that Ireland will be the perfect place for it to survive. I realise it is too late for wine makers to have proper corks, technology have carried them to new and different fields, ie the screw top. But there is nothing so warm and inviting as a cork floor and to lose that would be sad indeed. My kitchen floor is cork tiles and it lends a lovely soft light to the room.















In the Glass Houses things are progressing as you can see. We’ve got grapes, Pinto peaches and even a few apricots. The grapes are really powering ahead, but then I spent days cutting back and tying in, so I would most certainly expect them to comply!!! However, that would mean having to do the same job again, I tell you it is neck breaking because all the growth is above my head.


DSC_0054        DSC_0053

Scented roses, courgettes and sweet peas are all coming along. Despite El Nino’s best efforts Mother Nature is just trucking along nicely.



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