Autumn colour……………

Today has been a text book perfect autumn day. We had rain overnight, but by late morning it had cleared and the autumn colours of the Pleasure Grounds were all the more vibrant for that rain. We are about 6″ below our average rainfall, but I believe we will catch up on that. We always do!














Where ever I turned this afternoon the colours and the lengthening shadows from the low sun enhanced the autumnal look of all my favourite vistas.


We’re still getting produce from the Walled Garden. Where great plans are being made for future development. Vegetables coming into season have clearly slowed down, but there is quite a selection to keep us fed and our vitamin & fibre intake high. Combined with the eggs from our beautiful chickens in the Poultry Palace. We are as good as self sufficient! It is a great feeling…. but loveliest of all is the moon from a clear sky tonight.









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