Barm brack………………..

So I’ve now had my second debut! Not bad for an old girl like me. I appeared last night on the RTE link below. Catherine Cleary is a great interviewer and I really enjoyed participating.

DSC_0245 rs


Using beer yeast is not at all easy and one thing is for sure, bread will never prove in the time it would using bread yeast. That type of yeast on the other hand can not be used for brewing or wine making, it is far to virulent.


This is a sour dough loaf I baked this morning. It was started 24 hours ago and it had the final prove in the fridge overnight. As you can see the three slashes that Catherine mentions, are not equal in size, this is due to proving and to be honest this loaf might have been a little better had it been given leave to rise for another 8 or so hours. However, it was lunch time and we were hungry.

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