Now I know this has nothing to do with the Walled Garden, but… at the moment we’ve got some film location work going on so instead of coming out of the Conservatory and taking that route to the Walled Garden I go via what is known as the Cart Road. That way I go past the set building and can take pictures and generally keep an eye on what is going on. In one of the old pony stables I found the pink bathroom suite above.


Intrigued, I thought it looked familiar. The overflow is identical to the one in my bath which is green, not avocado you understand, it is sage green, but otherwise both the bathtub and on closer inspection the washbasin is identical in shape to mine.

DSC_0029 rs






In the basement there’s a shelf in the old beer cellar – now a room to store boxes for all our electrical goods, in case they need to go back for repair – and on this shelf there are three glass globes in pink, green and yellow, the colours of the 1920’s bathrooms which were probably installed here by BD’s great-grandmother.

So our bedroom, called the Beryl bedroom, has a sage bathroom.

DSC_0032 rs

The Sapphire bedroom has a primrose yellow bathroom which is mirrored to mine.

DSC_0031 rs

The Crystal bedroom has a white suite and I am guessing now, but I think the pink suite, currently gracing the pony stables was probably the one belonging to the Opal bedroom. These are the first floor bedrooms and the grandest in the house. I suppose it is quite likely that all the bathroom suites were installed at the same time. Only the sage and the primrose bathrooms have the beautiful tiles to match the bathroom suite.

DSC_0034 rs



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