Black Hamburg ……….

In the main glass house in the Walled Garden has three old grapes growing. I’m not talking the Royal Vine here at Hampton Court, but nevertheless  it is venerable.  For some years we’ve struggled to get it through the season without getting mildew. This year JT has made it his mission to ensure we have lots of grapes. Our ancestors were in fact so good at growing grapes they could produce grapes all year round. It was done by picking the best bunches like you pick flowers, with as long a stalk as possible with at least one leaf. The stalk was put into a water bottle, specially designed to lie flat on a shelf, so the bunch could hang down and the grapes would not be bruised, but the stalk was always in fresh water. Fiendishly clever if you ask me.

DSC_0056 rs

JT inspects the grapes every day for signs of any fungus and the Black Hanover is watered copiously. We are now considering taking about half the bunches out, so the grapes have a chance to really grow over the next month. Come early October we should have the most divine………… no, lets try not to jinks it.

DSC_0058 rs

I love the atmosphere in the Glass house, the view of the pergola is lovely and it is great to contemplate a possible success.



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