The Bothy Walk

There is a path on the west side of the Walled Garden. It is called the Bothy Walk. In its day it will have been quite beautifully maintained and a walk with different rhododendrons from other parts of the Pleasure Grounds. A couple of years ago we did a bit of clearing and we discovered a couple of steps leading into an impenetrable mass of Rh. ponticum and fuchsia apparently leading nowhere. At the time I thought it would look nice if we cleared a bit and put a bench there. However, what we have done is much better and more likely to have been there before.

Before and . . . . .                                                                 after

DSC_0154 rsDSC_0144 rs















But wait a minute, lets walk through the tunnel and show you what we have revealed today with the help of Laura and James Jnr.

DSC_0140 rs

















This was so exciting and the area is really beautiful. It was planted 12 years ago by JT and his son GT. It has been neglected since, but as you can see the rhododendrons have grown very well despite being ignored. Opposite the rhodies you can see how over grown it was before we started at 1pm.

DSC_0139 rs









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