Today we had a visit from a Danish organisation called BYFO. Its counterpart in the British Isles is called the Historic Houses Association or the Irish Historic Houses Association. So 19 people who have historic houses in Denmark came here to see ours and then have lunch before their coach drove them back to Dublin via Mount Stewart. They have been to see lots of lovely Irish houses over the week and it was great to have the opportunity to show our house to people who really understand all the work BD and I put in to keep the place going.

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We gave them a lunch of Vitello Tonnato, with a salad from the Walled Garden and focaccia. Followed by a Rhubarb Crumble Cake. It was the last of the forced rhubarb for this season and the beef was raised by me.

We’re still struggling to produce lettuce leaves. I can’t imagine why. I managed by picking a lot of mizuna which had seeded itself, jut like last time we had a corporate lunch for a group of French DMCs.

Actually I’m just thinking that I probably can imagine why the lettuce is so slow. As I write this I’m wearing a coat. We are very close to the Irish Sea and at this time of the year we often have really cool days because of a sea mist drifting in or if there is an Easterly wind. Today we have that Easterly wind and it has carried the cold air in. Should it get really windy the air will also be salt-laden and that can be very harmful to tender leaves. Whether on trees or lettuce plants.

This morning Elaine and I went over to the Walled Garden together and it was  really lovely with the sun shining on our backs while we picked lots of chickweed, rocket and mizuna. JT picked roses for the table. I think we can declare today a success thanks to a great team.

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