Caesar Salad.

Our French garden intern Laura has been here for nearly 2 months and her stay is almost at an end. She is a very creative gardener and she is really imaginative cook.

Today DEL had the bank to lunch and I made a Spanish Almond Soup. As you know I grow almonds in the Walled Garden and I wanted to celebrate the appearance of the first cucumbers in the glass houses. My recipe demands 3-4 whole cucumbers for this delicious soup, so it seemed the most obvious thing in the world to use these newly formed gems. I don’t know many recipes that demand 3-4 whole cucumbers. We also had some cold partridge which BD had cooked for Sunday supper. However, there was not enough partridge to make lunch for 8, so Almond Soup and freshly baked focaccia was what we served the bank’s advisors.

This gave us an opportunity to “play” with the cold partridge for supper and Laura suggested a Partridge Caesar Salad with a poached egg. This turned out to be a stroke of genius. We shall miss Laura, not just because she is fantastic in the garden, but also because she has the most wonderful creative ideas for cooking with what there is in the fridge and the Walled Garden. Her salads in particular are epic. Thank you Laura!

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