Today the sun was shining and I was in the Walled Garden watering the Christmas trees. I also picked courgettes with the flowers on for our supper. Looking into the Glass House with some of the tomatoes, it almost looked like a forest!

Tomato forrest rsWhat do you think?

I’ve been making tomato consommé, tomato pulp for soup over the winter and BD has made tomato chutney and still they come. I also take the best looking tomatoes to Ox in Belfast once a week. Maybe next week I’ll try and make Tomato Marmelade?










Maybe it does not really look like a forest, but at least there are still lots of tomatoes……


DSC_0088 rs

The Cardoon is related to the Artichoke and I am hoping to have cardoon stems to play with in December/January. Still if the drought continues I don’t suppose they’ll do very much. Maybe next time I water the Christmas trees I’ll water the cardoons too.


They looked very snug when I left them to go to evensong at Balligan Church.


DSC_0089 rs



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