Caring for your workhorse…………..

Our hardworking AGA has been serviced this morning. I got the dates wrong and switched it off 24 hours too early. That was really quite good as it gave us the opportunity to really get it cleaned. The bad thing was that two day running we had to get up half an hour earlier than normal. Quite hard when you’ve just lost an hour with the changing of the clocks. I don’t think it’s been this clean since it was installed in 2000.

As you can see I’ve really set the scene to make it look extra beautiful. On my work surfaces there are lots of red equipment. I have 3 pairs of scales. You can’t imagine how much time it saves when you are cooking for lots of people if you have scales for Imperial measures, metric and one set that can measure volume, as in liquid. To the right on the work table you can see my cress pigs. They were produced by Knabstrup Keramik in the 1950’s in Denmark. I’m hoping to get the grandchildren to grow cress when they visit. I have several food processors and the big white machine in the corner is for kneading dough.

DSC_0022 rs

I took the photo above earlier in the summer when I was making tomato consommé and BD was making strawberry jam. I kid myself that this photo is a little like the Danish equestrian artist Agnes Lunn who has made two sculptures of an Icelandic draught horse. One fat and healthy before the start of summer and one tired and skinny after working for months up and down the mountains in Iceland. The top photo is the idealised version of my workhorse and the one above is my workhorse in action. Below you have a plaster of Paris model of one of Agnes Lunn’s tired Islandic horses.DSC_0332 rs



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