The Carriage Route…………

By the late 17th century the carriage had been developed to such a point that it was reasonably comfortable to make the choice of travel. Up until then it was more usual and faster to travel on horseback. This means that houses built before the sophisticated carriage arrives on the scene, were usually built close to the road. Really because you wanted to get off your horse as soon as you could. Once people travelled by carriage the Carriage Route to a grand house was developed. To some extent it was part of the pleasure of arriving. Ballywalter Park has such a Carriage Route, which leads from the Gate Lodge at the Greyabbey Road and………….

DSC_0585 rs

it is about a mile and a half long. The Pinus pinea really marks the point where you enter the Pleasure Grounds.

DSC_0572 rs

The first glimpse of the house is literally that. As you can see on the photo below:

DSC_0576 rs

From here you see different parts of the house as you travel towards the front door …………..

DSC_0578 rs

and now the Conservatory is clearly seen together with the Northern end of the building.

DSC_0580 rs

Until you arrive here at the front………….. welcome to Ballywalter Park

DSC_0371 rs


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