Catching up

So last Monday our new gardener, JR, started and he has been busy catching up on the weeding, planting and the general sorting out of a quite overgrown Walled Garden. It is a joy to go in after 16.45 and see what he has been up to. There is quite a lot going on because of course the Walled Garden is also at the top of production especially of courgettes, roses, sweetpeas, salad leaves, borage flowers, sorrel, herbs and strawberries.




The Fraise de bois are a disappointment this year. There is lots of fruit, but the berries taste like they are fermenting. Not nice at all. The strawberries we bought and planted up in 2014 are a weird variety. As we’re not supplying supermarkets anymore I thought we’d go for something other than El Santa. I let our supplier chose a nice variety and it has fantastic flavour, but the texture is strangely woolly?!? So that whole row of strawberries is now destined for jam and sorbet. The rest of them will be going to Ox and to us. Since JT retired BD has been tidying up in the various potting sheds. There are many things that need to be sorted out, but one was this interesting volunteer. It’s an Amarylis which has just decided that enough is enough and if we’re not going to give it soil and a pot, well, then never mind it’s going to flower anyway. Just look at it go.

















Behind the East facing wall there is clearly some pruning to be done, because I can see this lovely pink rose growing so tall it’s nearly interfering with low flying aircraft just to get some sun! Below it you can see my peas and broad beans struggling to catch up after a very slow start and a Virginia creeper that needs to be pruned! But by and large the Walled Garden is in good heart.


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