It’s been a lovely sunny day with drifting clouds. I love clouds, but today they’ve not been really good. When I went for my 2 miles walk late this afternoon I brought my camera, just in case there were better clouds by the Greyabbey gates. DSC_0024 28-2-16



As you can see, they were OK, but not spectacular. En route to the gates I thought my favourite cloud formation might be happening beyond the Gate Lodge. I absolutely love it when the clouds look like they are covering a distant mountain range. As you are familiar with your landscape you know there is no mountain range, but the clouds make it look that way. Once I got to the gates it was obvious that this was not the case today. DSC_0026 28-2-16


On my way back I saw two rhododendrons in flower. Rh. Lady Dunleath always starts early, but the little beauty below usually doesn’t start opening up in April! I guess it is inevitable with the mild winter we have had.



DSC_0008 28-2-16

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