About 4 years ago, maybe even 5, we planted 7 cherry trees. Three for cooking and four for eating. So far the birds have had the lion’s share of the fruit though.
JT has made frames of two by two with fruit netting to lean over the trees once they’ve set fruit. This is based on drawings from the 16th century. Soon they’ll have their share of the fantastic manure from our cows and these trees should be good to go fruiting safely from the beaks of the birds.
When I went to the Meatlocker for lunch last week, I had Black Forrest Gateau Sunday for dessert, which was a good idea as the flavours should be perfect with ice cream. However, the cherries were not right, they were glacè. I have now got the idea and in due course I’ll be able to make a properly flavoured Schwartzwȁlder Kirsch Torte Sontag . . . . . . no actually, let’s make that a Sunday, actually.

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