Christmas is coming……………….

Today we had a day of communal mowing and weeding around the Christsmas Trees. BD and I have been mowing around our commercial Christmas trees for two weekends running. Today he and James Jnr. went and mowed some more – we have a couple of acres – while I weeded the Christmas trees that have been potted up in the Walled Garden.

DSC_0254 X-mas trees at farm

You see, we used to have a proportion of the Christmas trees potted up in October, but 50% died. We decided to plant a number of them straight into the pots! How clever was that? They are doing really well and as you can see from my special photos they are now 80% weed free, the last little bit will be done tomorrow. Promise!!! Well, or perhaps Friday or the weekend……………………..

Top photo is from April and the one below is from today.

DSC_0260 walled garden


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