Christmas comes but once a year…………….

Fortunately it repeats year in, year out. Like everyone else’s tree ours has gone from this:DSC_0254 X-mas trees at farm


Or This:

DSC_0260 walled garden







To this confection!

DSC_0005 rs






We love Christmas and I’m fortunate in that I have some great people to help me getting this monster up and decorated. If I didn’t have the help I’m certain we’d not have this size of Christmas tree. It demands a lot of decorations and I’ve always been completely dictatorial about what is allowed on and what is not. Most of our Christmas decorations are from Denmark and a considerable percentage is from Georg Jensen. I love the annual arrival of this year’s design. We have it hanging in the window of the Breakfast room for the first season, so we can see it properly, but after that it get hung in various parts of the house, including the Conservatory.


Here is the 2014 Georg Jensen Christmas decoration, cheering up a monstrously grey day at Ballywalter Park. DSC_0066 rs




Wishing you all a happy Christmas and here is hoping that 2015 brings a wider and lasting peace throughout the world!


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