Close harmony vegetables……………

photo 1

I rather felt you needed a little update from the Walled Garden, this is after all a Walled Garden blog. JT is not so well, but J Snr. and J Jnr. are picking up the slack and doing very well.

Here you are looking at – from left to right – the asparagus bed, chives, potatoes and onions. Here on the right there are some brassicas.There are some new brassicas which is a cross between Brussels sprouts and kale. They’ll be all the rage and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the hungry pigeons with oodles of squabs will not eat them all before we can get some netting over.

photo 1b







Tomatoes are also being planted up in hanging baskets …….photo 3

…. and planted into the ground where we had the butternut squash last year.

photo 3b

So by an large things are progressing very nicely and the weather is being very cooperative!

P.S. You could listen to the Beach Boys Vegetables whilst reading this particular blog.















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