Cry me a River………… Early River?

In the Plum Room in the Walled Garden there’s an early variety called Early River……….. the name makes me imagine rivers of delicious red plums. I actually chose it because you can buy this espaliered and I particularly want the espalier varieties so we can get more of a room feel in the three round rooms.

DSC_0826 rs

These are the delicate flowers on Early River. Is it no marvellous that these tiny flowers become fruit?!?

The other oblong “Rooms” – you can see them in a previous blog where I put in an aerial photo – I fancied calling Corridors, unless you, dear reader, have another suggestion? Email me  or Tweet your suggestions.





The first photo of flowering Early River was taken about a week ago and the one below was taken today. It’s Early River to the left of the middle tree. As you can see on the flag on top of the house, we’ve got Danish visitors. I hope you also get the idea of the round Plum Room in the Walled Garden.

DSC_0825 rrs

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