Currently flowering…………

Yesterday was a lovely day and BD managed to do a great deal of weeding along the pergola in the Walled Garden. I rather unproductively hung around the phone all day waiting for the call announcing the arrival of my first grandchild. It’s a really great feeling.

DSC_0207-bOnce the message came through I did walk up to the Walled Garden, there I noticed that the red- & blackcurrant bushes are flowering! This is good news because BD makes fantastic jam – I’ve alluded to this before – and his Blackcurrant Jam is particularly good. I’m very partial to Blackcurrant Jam because as a child I had porridge with blackcurrant jam every morning for breakfast. I will encourage my son to do the same for his firstborn.

The flower is very insignificant and because it’s green you can only see them up close. It’s the same with the grapes in the glass houses, but they are not that far advanced yet. Grape flowers are tiny, it’s hard to imagine that eventually they’ll be love big juicy grapes. It’s just the same with the currants. Quite hard to imagine on this cold wet day, that in 8 weeks or so these will be great juicy blackcurrants bursting with flavour and vitamin C.

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