A long time ago BD and visited friends in Seattle and on my birthday we went to the Dahlia Lounge for lunch. It was an uber-smart restaurant where the stunning lookingstaff were in designer dungarees. Now, you need to be 6 foot tall to look good in dungarees and I’m 5 one and a bit, so I felt not a little small! The American pronunciation of dahlia emphasises the h in the word, a bit like those who pronounce plastic as plahstic, if you get my drift?!? BD is not keen on dahlias, he thinks they look a bit municipal. I think if you stick to red, white and yellow, possibly a pink they give good colour to flower arrangements in the house at this time of the year.


















In the spring of this year when JT was so ill he could hardly work, JB and I brought out the dahlia tubers when the time had come to pop them in the ground. There were huge amounts of tubers that all looked the same and it was impossible to work out how to create a nice colour scheme in the Pergola. I decided to we should take them to our dump and get rid of them. We use an old disused silo, which is no longer needed. We dump all our organic waste there, as well as our brown bin from the house. In years to come we’ll have fantastic compost, but as you can see it is very overgrown with weeds as well. In fact you can see that the scrapings from some of the bamboo sites in the Pleasure Grounds have started a new forest up here, vying for dominance only with nettles.

You can even see a volunteer Cavolo Nero growing right in the middle of some shrub which is clearly taking over that area of the silo. I went up a moment ago and cut the best of the dahlias, although they didn’t look as good as they did yesterday, but as you can see the big orange headed dahlia will be coming on in the next few days, if the weather doesn’t change for the worse. So Great-uncle Teddy will get another small bunch of flowers by his portrait.



P.S. In case you worry, JT is much improved for not working so hard any more!


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