In the deep mid-winter…………….

It is cold, windy and an hour ago we had a wintry downpour. Just what you would expect from a mid-winter’s day. In the Walled Garden however, the restoration of the glass houses is coming along very nicely and inside there are signs of Spring!

DSC_0049 rs















Here you see one of the plant benches with herbs – parsley at the far end and dill in the foreground – and right at the back there are Cut and Come Again Lollo Rosso. The citrus trees have been moved to one of the far ranges because of the work going on, but as you can see it has not prevented the Cumquat from setting a load of fruit. This of course it the whole point of a Glass House, it creates a micro climate for more sensitive plants. In a way the citrus family is not that sensitive. Our temperature does not really go down far enough to trouble them, but the wind chill factor of the wind here would be the death knell for a citrus tree  outside in Northern Ireland.DSC_0050 rs
















But outside JT has been weeding around the rhubarb crowns. Ours are really old and I’ve suggested we split them and see how they do, but I thought you should see this before the splitting, because after that they’ll be fertilised and then they’ll be covered in wood chip to keep them warm. Can you see those tiny pink shoots? I take courage from this tiny little sign that spring is on the way!

DSC_0051 rs

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