Definition in the Pleasure Grounds

Yesterday we spent some hours – three and a half in fact – ensuring the lawns were perfect and that all brambles, nettles, docks and other weeds were removed to make each tree in the Pleasure Grounds appear well defined. Look at that lovely chestnut above. It’s a real “Underneath the spreading chestnut tree” kind of chestnut. If it was not so cold here I could string a hammock between some of those sturdy branches. Maybe we should build something for the grandchildren to enjoy? There are endless possibilities.


On the right you can see what I mean about definition. Each specimen tree’s trunk is visible and clearly defined. For this I use a push-mower and it took all my strength to keep going for so long. I can feel it in my  shoulders today, but by tomorrow that pain will be gone, but the loveliness will go on and on.














I consider the quercus Ilex my personal tree. It is where my gardening journey began a few years ago. I still love the way it looks now. I of course could only do it with the help of James Snr. and JT. They ensured my vision was made into the lovely tree it still is now. Above you can see it from the opposite angle. It was another Blob back in 2005. Incidentally what I have photographed here is an Easter Egg Hunt arranged by the local nursery.

Now, I realise this is a Walled Garden blog, but JT is not so well at the moment and there is lots of work going on in the Walled Garden. I will come back to it when things are better settled.

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