Die back on a glorious winter’s day

In the Walled Garden winter has arrived, here it means decay and die back. Currently we’re taking the Dahlias out of the beds along the Pergola as they don’t like frost. We don’t often get frost here and the Walled Garden is an extra protection against harsh weather, but we never know what winter is going to throw at us. So we dig them up and dry them and put them back in next spring. In April, May, June and July the Pergola just got better and better.



















I liked the clean look of it when it was just showing signs of life and there was endless weeding, in April. May brought further masses of weeds once the cold winds had gone and the soil warmed up and everything – including weeds – was pouring out of the ground. By June the Pergola was in full bloom and by July it was a little like a wine that is just past its best. There was still plenty to cut and that after all is what the cutting garden is all about. Having something to put in vases through out the house. The last weekend of August we had a house full of guests and Anita of Fabulous Flowers in Greyabbey helped me cut flower and arrange them throughout the house, at that point it was still producing wonderful blooms, but it was no longer looking really pretty from the White Gates. Next season my plan is – having weeded so much this year – that when all Dahlias are up and everything is cut back we’ll put well aged wood chippings over everything and that should keep the weeds down. Fingers crossed that it works!DSC_0252 (2) rs


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