Everything is in bud or flower………………..

So now we’ve finally had some days of sunshine everything is suddenly either in bud or in flower. This includes everything in the Walled Garden. DSC00386DSC00387The peaches have stopped flowering and have set tiny peaches. Lady Sylvia, a lovely scented rose is in full flower now and scenting the Inner Hall and the Drawing Room. Below you can see the gooseberries budding and the currants are in flower. Aren’t they looking lovely?












I’m hoping this year we’ll get the currants & not the pheasants.DSC00391The cherries against the East wall will be flowering in the next few days, which is a worry as there are cold winds from the Arctic forecast for the weekend. We’ll just have to hope that the heat absorbed by the wall during the day will protect the cherry blossom. Even the Blackthorn is flowering, which is good news. It is after all the source of our sloe gin.DSC00393


And last but not least our Alpine strawberries have new grow bags and we are hoping for great things from them after a very lean season last year. They were replanted last week and already this week they are flowering. I am indeed hopeful seeing those pretty little white flowers which will turn into delicious fraises de bois.


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