Fota House……………..

At Fota House, Co. Cork they have the most amazing kitchen and meat store from the 1820’s. It is complete, which is very rare. Usually we change our kitchens as soon as there is a new bit of technology. I’m not exception, I love kitchen gizmos.

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In the meat store there are brine boxes where they salted the meat, as seen on the photos. They also have this wonderful game and meat carousel which was brought to the English Market in Cork when Queen Elizabeth II came to visit. It is the most lovely thing and I really wished I had one in my meat store. DSCF0103



























As a Food Historian I love looking at old kitchens. The technology was amazing however far you go back. Fota House is of an age which I particularly treasure. This is Irish Georgian at its very best. I mean, look at this fire bench or table top stove. It really is ingenious if you’ve not got gas or electricity. So you’d take some embers pop them under the trivet to make your custard.  After all you don’t want your custard to boil. The window in front of you can be opened, so the poisonous fumes can escape. It makes me want to make a custard to go with my Rhubarb Crumble Cake, tonight’s pudding.DSCF0106 rs

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