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Spring light in the Pleasure Grounds

On Sunday we had a stunning spring day. The “thin” cold light showing everything, it felt very Scandinavian. It was not warm, so I did no gardening, but the light here is simply [...]

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DIY Wedding Flower workshop…..

Over the last year we have started to branch out in the Walled Garden. We have restored the Potting Sheds and we have started a gardening club. The next exciting step is holding some day courses [...]

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Planning for the new year………..

As you can see from above we have some casualties from the many storms we have suffered this autumn and winter. Although winter is the least busy time in the garden, this year is different. Last [...]

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Dear Paradise Gardeners, It is just a week will we meet again and this time we are so excited to have Jilly Dougan as our inspirational speaker on the subject of herbs. We will again meet in the [...]

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This autumn……………..

This autumn has been so lovely and it has allowed our hardworking team to do some serious work in the Rockery and along the stream. I heard on the radio that the RHS were expecting the best [...]

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Storm Ali

When LD and I met nearly 18 years ago I immediately knew that the Walled Garden was a little slice of heaven. It had a load of noisy exhibition poultry in there, but in due course this would be [...]

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A remarkable spring……………

The first month of spring has been remarkable for several reasons, not least because of the amount of rain that has fallen. When I look at the photos I took during March it spans everything from [...]

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The Bothy Walk

Although spring is clearly not here, BD and I have found a sheltered place to do a little gardening: The Bothy Walk. This would have been part of the entertainment when visiting Ballywalter Park [...]

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The last week of Autumn

We have now entered the last week of Autumn. By Friday it is officially winter. Here at Ballywalter Park we have new additions to our team and the grounds are looking very good. Our mowing [...]

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