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The last week of Autumn

We have now entered the last week of Autumn. By Friday it is officially winter. Here at Ballywalter Park we have new additions to our team and the grounds are looking very good. Our mowing [...]

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Doing a service at Ox

Many months ago Stephen Toman the Michelin starred chef of Ox ask me and our friend Lynn if we would like to do a Saturday night service in the Ox kitchens. I’ve always admired the calm [...]

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Loaves & Fishes

Loaves & Fishes is a food event celebrating bread and fish during the annual Sea Food Week, which runs this year from 6th till 13th October. Here at Ballywalter Park we open our gates to all [...]

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The height of our productivity!

Autumn is a wonderful time of year when the Walled Garden is at its most productive. We have so much at the moment I can understand why there are endless articles in both papers and magazines [...]

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It’s the height of the season for produce coming out of the Walled Garden. AH & JR are busy ensuring we will have produce later this autumn and winter. They are also working on late [...]

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I have always been a bit dubious about grasses. Most grass gardens look terrible by the time you visit in July. They’ve gone to seed and presumably they spread relentlessly if you are not [...]

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Garden internships

Every year, since 2012 we get an intern from University de Blois in the Loire Valley in France. These are landscape architecture students who in their first two years have to find gardens that [...]

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I realise that it has been a while since I blogged about the gardens here at Ballywalter Park. We have had a lot of changes and my time has been spent more profitably making sure that these [...]

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Swallows and house martins……….

The swallows and house martins usually come around the 12th April. In the last couple of year they’ve been late and this year was no exception. I saw one Tullykevin Road on the 19th, but it [...]

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