Get your handkerchief out…………

Today BD and I have been mowing. Despite Liam Dutton being absolutely correct in his predictions about the weather for Saturday and Sunday, we managed to do everything and more than we’d hoped for.

Our system is that BD uses the ride on mower on the bulk of the grass and I do the really soft bits with the push mower. As I’ve said before Ballywalter Park used to be known as Springvale House, for the very reason that it lies in a shallow valley where endless natural springs pop up all over, making the ground soft where really it ought to be dry.

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During today’s adventure in the Pleasure Grounds we came upon our flowering Davidia Involucrata. This year it really is doing very well and I decided to free the smaller specimen of ivy…… I sometimes marvel at people who allow ivy to grow over absolutely everything. To me it is a noxious weed and I am ruthless. I never allow it a stranglehold on our important specimens.

Clearing the specimen trees of ivy, I often makes me think of Spencer Tracey who as Mr. Hyde comes looking for Ingrid Bergman at her lodgings in the film Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He asks the landlady what her name is and the answer comes ‘Ivy’; ‘Ah!’ he says ‘the clinging type’.

Here the Hedera clearly has very favourable conditions and all our specimen trees and shrubs would be covered in it if we allowed it. But look again at the Davidia! It’s just lovely.

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