Who gives a fig?!?

This is a photograph of the fig as it looks tonight. Just a few minutes ago I went to the Walled Garden to see what had been happening while BD and I visited family in France.

This is the magnificent fig I wrote about last week. You can clearly see the enormous trunk that spreads along the wall. You can also see that the quince is in the way once its canopy of leaves is fully unfurled.

DSC_0211 a

As you can see there are figs forming already, but that happens every year. The buds form now before the leaf of the fig comes out. I shall be keeping a close eye on the fig. While in France I had burnt figs and they were delicious. Just figs cooked in sugar till it caramelised and I was just wondering if you can do that with unripe and rather tasteless figs and get that sort of fabulous accompaniment for a good ice cream. It’ll certainly be worth a try.


Oh, and as a little note to cheer me up the yellow plum is in full flower. Doesn’t it look lovely?



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