The Glasshouses……

Today was a beautiful winter’s day and the house looked wonderful as I came back from the Walled Garden where the Glass Houses are being fixed! They are in a very poor state and we are now spending some time and money on putting them right. I sort of feel that if they go, I go! So our brilliant builder Paul has his team working on the worst of them at the moment.

DSC_0314 rs

As you can see they not only need some TLC, they need paint too! In the corner Nigel is working on the most important part of the front range of the Glass Houses, visually that is. We might even have to look for a new finial. The last one actually belonged on the end of a curtain pole. A big one, you understand and we might just go down that route this time too. I will see what I can find in the basement.



You can just about see the shape of the old one here. DSC_0311 rs






The chickens love the doors being open to the Glass Houses. I guess it’s a new place to look for food and it is certainly warmer when the sun is shining. I’m not keen to have them in as they do a lot of damage to more tender vegetables. I’m growing both cauliflowers, Cavolo Nero, curly Kale and lots of herbs. There is a big hole in the roof of this range, as you can see below. Getting that fixed will make it much easier to get the tomatoes to ripen next summer. I can’t wait, BD and I shared our last tomato for lunch today. We’re always mightily depressed when the last one is gone. From now on we’ll forgo tomatoes till our season starts again. DSC_0313 rs

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