Golden nuggets…..

DSC_0875We’re now 2 weeks into the new year and things are beginning to happen in the Walled Garden again. I could hardly believe my eyes when JR showed me the Kiwi fruit. There are lots this year. A couple of years ago I blogged about the three JT and I could find and how disappointing they turned out to be, because they were hard as bullets. What we’d not realised is that they have to have frost to become the fruit we know and love! So tonight as the temperatures are dropping BD and I very much hope that we’ll have Co. Down kiwi fruit to offer our guests. Perhaps Ox Restaurant in Belfast can think of something different to do with them?

The fruit looked so beautiful in the low afternoon sun. DSC_0880 I especially think the one at the top of the wall will get the most frost and it is one of the biggest of the crop. They should be unctuous by tomorrow! You never know we might just manage to take the weeds off the top of the walls once we get up there?


DSC_0872Earlier, in the thin winter sun, JR removed a lovely pine from Rostrevor. It was a present from a good friend. Where it was planted had become so waterlogged we were worried it would rot and die. JR has given it a dry pot and a place in one of the strawberry tunnels to let it recover. DSC_0874In a year or so it will, hopefully, have a good root ball and we can find it a better, slightly less wet place.


In the glass houses there are signs of life from our camomile. During the spring and summer I collected camomile flowers, for drying. Both when we were in Denmark, Germany and France. JR has been sowing them into pots and here they are, sprouting. Some better that the others, but they are probably different varieties.



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