Golden nuggets!

It is quite remarkable how nature provides. Despite the drought. Above you see the quinces in flower very late after the cold spring they didn’t flower until May! By mid-July they looked like this:
DSC_0046 rs
Scrawny little things!

The terrible storm last week brought down most of the fruit and this morning I’ve made Quince Cheese with my wind-falls. This is an accompaniment to cheese which our ancestors made. I basically boil the quartered quinces in water till they are done! Then I put them in a blender and turn them into pulp. This is pushed through a sieve, so all seeds and the cores are left behind. To every pint of pulp I add 12oz sugar. Now it has to boil till it has reached setting point 104C. Use a jam thermometer and as a friend of mine says visor, gauntlets not to mention a fireproof apron. The thing is when it boils it has a tendency to go everywhere. I stir like crazy to keep the splashing down to a minimum, but I’m sure there are other ways of getting through this little Hell to get the Heavenly taste of quince paste. Once it has reached temperature pour it into a shallow dish and leave it covered with grease proof paper somewhere dry and at room temperature for 3 months. You should be able to cut it into blocks and as I said it is the perfect accompaniment to a good hard cheese. My Grandmother used to cut the paste into diamond shapes and roll in Demerara sugar. We had these little diamonds as a Christmas treat.
DSC_0203 rs
See what I mean by calling them golden nuggets?
In the background you can see BD’s Damson Gin & Vodka 2014 and to the right his Sloe Gin 2013. Out of shot his Apple and Sauternes Jelly is waiting to be finished.

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