Gone fishing…………….

I’ve had a break from blogging because I’ve had a writing job to do for a client and I simply had to pour my creativity into that, sorry! In the month I’ve not blogged spring has sprung and disappeared and sprung again, but I think that is probably normal for the early spring.

DSC_0242 rs





We’ve had a lunch for the wives of the board of FIFA and they got the last of my Tomato Consommé. I’m now pining for more tomatoes and I’m really hoping that JT has got going with the tomato seeds I bought him 2 weeks ago. Last year we were a little behind with the tomatoes and there were times when BD thought we’d have not tomatoes at all, but with the glass houses doing their stuff we had loads. We couldn’t extend the season past November, but I guess that’s all right really.




DSC_0435 rs


BD and I have made the most of the spring weather and last weekend we did a big clearing job on one of the old rhododendrons in the Pleasure Grounds. Some of the old rhododendrons have been in the ground for a very long time indeed. Some grow in such a way that they layer themselves – that’s jargon for propagating –  so they look like this blob of rhododendron. Lovely when its in flower, a little boring once that’s over. Looking like Wallace in the Wrong Trousers, BD tackles this with a chainsaw and I pull away the cut branches. So within a couple of hours the Blob came to look like this:

DSC_0446 rs










We achieved all this on Sunday, which was just as well as the weather has been miserable on and off ever since.

DSC_0431 rs

There are other glimmers of spring in the Pleasure Grounds. My name sake Rhododendron Lady Dunleath is in flower.


 We also have a very beautiful and really old magnolia. It is the first of the magnoliasto flower and it is pink. I think I blogged about it last year, but I’m not really organised enough to find it. So, I’m going to give you another lovely photo of this particular beauty. Here it is on the left. There is one pink bud, making me feel optimistic about spring arriving.

Magnolia rsIn the coming weekend I’ll will get an update of the Walled Garden onto the blog. The thing is that lovely Laura Weil is coming back to work for 3 weeks in April and I’m hoping that JT will have his skates on so she’ll not feel her journey here has been wasted.






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