The good old days……….


So in the good old days the walled garden, was not like my Walled Garden. This was a place where Dunleath Estates grew soft fruit and vegetables commercially. I don’t think the Glass Houses were important to this enterprise, and this is what one of them used to look like.


It was a much prettier and obviously complete and behind the wall you can see a cupressus macrocarpa growing vigorously. Inside you can see in the left hand glass house the rose which is still there is already then well established. This photo was taken in the early 1980’s.


When BD came here the pillars of the Pergola were not in good shape. Some had to be rebuilt and below I’ve taken some Before & After photographs so you can see the progress that has been made.



img818aThe pillars were dangerous and here you have the Before and After looking south.









It is the same with these that are looking east.

Obviously the other thing that make the Walled Garden look much better is that I’ve taken these photos in the summer.                                          img816


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