Groundsel………. the war goes on!

If I have time I like to walk to the Walled Garden. Yesterday for example, there wasn’t the time and Elaine and I drove over to pick up all we needed for the corporate lunch. However, this morning there was plenty of time. I have taken a selfie of me and this morning’s harvest.

I usually walk out through the Conservatory and along the path by the Long Border. On my way out I walk on the left and pick up any groundsel I see. On my way back I repeat the process. It is surprising how often the light in either direction make some of this pest invisible. I usually get them in one direction or t’other. And I can assure you this is WAR. Because if you don’t want to spray, you really have to get on top of the groundsel especially in the spring.

So the images below were photographed around 11 and I’ll go and have a look at them around 5 when there is still good light.

DSC_0075 rs

We had 5.9mm of rain last night and that will have been like nectar to all weeds prompting me to take some photos of emerging groundsel on the path and in the beds. I have a theory that groundsel grows from the small plant above, to the bigger plant next to it in a day, possibly less. You can see that the flowers have already got seeds in them. This afternoon, dear reader I shall therefore go and photograph the very same weeds I have recorded this morning and we’ll see what rain, followed by sun will do to these little blighters………… what am I saying? It makes them sound like some cute little thing, when actually they are the Devils’ spawn.

DSC_0048 rs

DSC_0058 rsDSC_0076 rs

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