Today we had the Hereford & Worcester Garden Trust for a tour of the house and garden. BD and I split the group in two and we tried not to make the house tour too long as the weather was glorious and they are a Garden Trust after all. After their tour we had a cup of coffee and one of my Brownies before we set off to the Walled Garden and from there up to see Rhododendron Lady Dunleath, who is in full flower now.


DSC_0013 (2)



After they left BD and I did the weeding. On our hands and knees we were pulling up this non-native, very invasive species, related to the dreaded ragwort called groundsel. I can’t tell you how pointless this flipping plant is. It grows very fast and set seed in a matter of minutes, or so it seems. They are like dandelion seeds, so they fly miles if there’s a breeze. As soon as there are a few warm, dry days there is groundsel, flowering on every path and in every border. I wouldn’t mind if you could at least eat the damned thing, but that is unlikely as its cousin ragwort is highly toxic. However,  we as managed to finish all the beds both in the Rooms and in the Corridors – or whatever we’re calling the oblongs – you can see in the photo above, there is nothing but soil now around our fruit trees. I’m beginning to wonder if a few roses planted at the end of each bed might look rather pretty. Especially Lady Sylvia.

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