Has spring sprung?


I’ve had a few days away visiting children and grandchildren. Coming home there is a distinct feeling of spring about the place. It might just be that the sun is shining for the first time since November 2015, or so it feels. From my kitchen window I can see that the narcissus are beginning to come out, not all at once, but in little clumps.




















And with that feeling of spring and cold spring light streaming into the house, I can see the kitchen could do with a lick of paint and perhaps a new floor covering. I’ve sent away for a linoleum sample and I quite like the idea of a darker blue floor to go with the blue walls that we have in the kitchen. Our interior designer is BD and he’s the one who said a darker blue floor would look best with a new lick of Farrow and Ball’s¬†Lulworth Blue. I want linoleum because it is durable and naturally disinfectant. In the old days our ancestors thought that blue was disliked by flies, so many kitchens, sculleries and meat stores were painted blue. As you know I love that connection to our ancestors.




























Below you see my spring view, and if you zoom in on the bottom left window pane, you’ll that little clump of flowering daffodils……..









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