The height of summer.

After a hectic week in which I hardly set foot in the Walled Garden I’ve spent some hours just going around looking at the fruit, vegetables and flowers that we are growing. It’s a strange mixed feeling of elation that everything is doing so well, but also a note of sadness that we’ve passed mid-summer and that the days are getting shorter. Before leaving the house I know the first flush of flowers, including the roses, are past their best and the rain we had over the weekend will have been really good for everything, but it will also have damaged many other flowers. As I walk out of the conservatory around 11 the sun is at an angle on my potted roses, which spells mid-summer.

DSC_0001 rs

Walking along the Long Border the dew is heavy and not yet gone from some of the roses, this to me that is a sign of autumn.

DSC_0003 rs











As soon as I’m through the gates to the Walled Garden I can see that the Pergola has just gone over. The roses are leggy, lots of flowers have fallen over with the weight of the rain and there are petals all over the path.

DSC_0004 rs


DSC_0008 rs


Gooseberries, figs, strawberries and fraise des bois are still there. Some are just coming into season – gooseberries – some are nearly over – strawberries and fraise des bois – but the figs are not ready yet. Still lots of pleasure to be had from the Walled Garden.

















The flower on the potato plant tells me they are ready. I raw roast them in wedges with half butter and half olive oil adding the flowering thyme, it is a delicious combination which Laura Weil taught me.













The shoulders of our beetroot are beginning to show. I love them when they are tiny. DSC_0017

In the glass houses the parsley is a vibrant green and bolting. We can’t eat it fast enough. The peaches and nectarines are shaping up nicely, even taking a little colour.



DSC_0006 rs






Walking back with flowers for my dining room table I notice that the pumpkin is flowering in the old cold frame. Turning before I leave the Walled Garden the riot of colour around the last of the pillars of the Pergola lifts my heart….. it’s not all over yet, the best may yet be to come.






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