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For nine years BD served as regional chairman of the Historic Houses Association. This organisation helps people like us look after and get the most out of a historic home that has, in this case, been left to BD in the will of his cousin. As you can read from my blogs, it keeps us busy and if there are problems then the HHA is where we turn to for help and guidance. Your house does not need to be grand. Any owner of an old house can benefit from the very reasonable membership starting at around £120 per annum.

Last October BD stepped down and Gavin and Sarah Mackie have taken over the duties of looking after the interests of HHA here in NI. To our complete surprise we were given a present as a thank you for our work and earlier this month we were taken to a gifted cabinet maker called Roger Michael. There we had the joy of choosing something we would like from his collection of unique pieces. Before we went we had talked about what we have space for and/or if there was anything we needed. We both agreed that an occasional table could be very useful. Arriving at Roger Michael’s yard is fantastic. He showed us his many pieces of timber that he has bought and keeps in the correct manner before he starts on a commission. We had the joy of choosing something among his many treasures above his workshop. In fact there were so many we couldn’t agree! BD liked this:DSC_0518 rs


And I liked this:

DSC_0521 rs

We were thrilled to discover that we could have both! What’s more we could have one of the beautiful bowls Roger Michael turns. It was the most fantastic experience, which included tea and lovely cakes baked by Mrs. Michael, in their kitchen which has a view of Slemish which probably is the best I’ve ever seen.

DSC_0520 rs


Thank you to all our members and friends of the HHA & NIEA, we think of you every time we see these lovely pieces, which is every day!

DSC_0525 rs

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