Where once Hitler had a picnic lunch…………………..

………….. there is now clearance. The key to this little snippet is to look at the trunk and branches of the pine on the right hand side of the photo above. This area suffered in the storms last winter and a huge Pinus radiata snapped like a match stick.  You can see a bit of the bark just to the left and some longer grass. The top of it fell into a big planting of Rhododendrons. It has now been cleared and the area is ready for imaginative planting where Hitler had a picnic lunch in the Justin Hardy production called Hitler on Trial, shown on the BBC in 2012.

DSC_0080 rs

The above is a view from the opposite direction. We thought it was a sheltered area but the branches that broke off a number of specimen trees in the storms we had last year, caused so much damage there was nothing for it but clear it all away. At least we didn’t lose the whole of this wonderful specimen tree.

DSC_0043 rs

Here you can see the same trunk and branches as a backdrop for Hitler looking at the rushes! You couldn’t make it up…………….


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